Why choose Dallol? 

Biomass boiler systems for large energy-usage business 

We provide biomass boiler systems for large energy-usage businesses – just like our competitors.  But that’s where the similarity ends. 

Dallol goes one step further by delivering the finest regulation-compliant engineering designed for +8000 hours per annum duty. We also provide exceptional transparent and honest customer service. 

Dallol removes the risk 

Many of our clients come to us after buying from others who have made claims for their inferior equipment that just don’t stand up. 
Most cheap boilers on the market were originally designed for 1500 hours annual duty running on 30-40% moisture white wood chip. No wonder they don’t last in industrial applications! 
We understand that industrial heating and biomass boiler projects are complex and costly, and that planning problems, technical issues and difficulties with logistics can quickly mount up. That’s why we provide expert support and specialist insight for every project - and our successful track record speaks for itself. 

When you put your trust in us, here’s what we offer in return:  

Support from specialists 

We know the industry inside out; from understanding the market and the latest legislation to specifying the appropriate equipment with the relevant technology behind it. And the result? Clients provided with value-added systems that reduce both their energy costs and environmental impact that are fit for purpose. 

Tailor-made systems 

Every business’ energy usage and requirements differ. That’s why our multi-disciplinary team invests time in analysing your specific needs, energy requirements and the available fuel. Our completed analysis ensures we specify the best-fit, purpose-designed components and systems built to last. 

A team you can trust 

The Dallol team began building plants in 1985 and delivering turnkey biomass solutions in 1999. Our dedicated team of planners, designers, engineers and administration professionals have expertly and successfully delivered biomass and biomass waste-fuelled systems for major businesses in the UK, Ireland and as far afield as Costa Rica. Discover more about the talented and dedicated people that form the Dallol team. 

Turnkey system delivery 

We can simply provide you with a replacement biomass boiler - but we also offer total project delivery. Our team of experts can handle every stage, from initial design and planning applications to maintenance and servicing. If your business could benefit from a fully-tailored service, find out more about Dallol’s turnkey solutions. 

Honesty from the outset 

We do everything by the book, from advice on planning applications to ensuring the system we select is specifically designed to burn your fuel. We’re known for our customer service, our transparency and our commitment to excellence. And we always provide honest advice on the energy system that will best serve your business - both now and in the future. Our aim is to be your ‘go-to’ biomass partner for the next 20 years - not just for the sales process! 

Funding choices 

There are numerous traditional funding methods that we can advise on including asset finance. In many cases, we can also offer a long term Heat Sale Agreement, sometimes known as ESCo, where we pay for everything - installation, fuel and maintenance; all you pay is a discounted utility bill. The savings can still be huge and there’s no need to trouble your balance sheet. 

Let's talk 

Don’t take risks when it comes to business energy systems. Dallol provides a precision-engineered solution and long-term support, so why not talk to us today about your energy project. 
Call us today on 
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