Dallol Case Studies 

Here are a few specific projects undertaken by Dallol Energy 

Sawmill customer in North West UK 

Size & type: 3.2MW Steam and 200kW Electricity CHP and District Heating System 
Value/Benefit: £4m total project value from balance sheet. Sub 3-year payback and carbon neutral production 
RHI Accredited: July 2016 (£350,000 RHI paid in Year 1) 
Project: Turn-key Civils and M&E project including Local Authority Planning consent delivered on budget and on-time. Ongoing service and maintenance. 
Purpose: Replace 12GW of natural gas used for heating industrial timber drying kilns with low value sawmill by-product fuel created on-site. Replaced gas use in secondary timber treatment process and heats modern office block. 
Design brief: To deliver a future-proofed robust and fully automatic energy system capable of +8000 hours annual duty and be fully compliant with 2025 Emission Legislation. The added feature of generating electrical power was included to take advantage of the generous subsidies then being offered by the UK Government. Dallol designed a system that provides a low level of operational intervention whilst maintaining full system availability and unsurpassed reliability. 
Boiler: 3.2MW Agroforst & Energietechnick AVR-LD-KS 5000 
Emission Filtration: Electro-static Precipitator to 450mg/Nm3 to 20 mg/Nm³ 
Generator: 200kW Heliex Expander HP204 
Fuel: Sawmill process waste - virgin wood-fuel: bark, wood peelings, woodchips. 
Moisture content: Designed for max 55%, running at up to 62% 
Bulk Weight: 300-400 kg/m3 
Calorific Value: 8mJ/kg to 12mJ/kg 
Min turn-down: 20% 
Service Period: Bi-annual (24hr dial-in observation) 

Sawmill customer in North West UK 

Size & type: 980kW Weiss Biomass Boiler and 25,000 Litre thermal Store 
Cost/Benefit: To move away from fossil fuels, reduce costs and carbon footprint. 
RHI Accredited: 
Purpose: To supply process heat to three wood drying kilns. 
Design brief: To install and commission a boiler uplifted by Dallol within 6 weeks in order to meet the RHI tariff deadline. The boiler also needed to be brought up to OFGEM current regulations. 
Boiler: Weiss WM 1.000-VRM-WW 
Emission Filtration: Glosfume Ceramic AD and ADL 
Generator: Hydrovane HR04-HR07 
Fuel: Wood Chip & Bark Mix 
Moisture content: 45% Average 
Bulk Weight: 350 kg/m3 
Calorific Value: 2,35 kWh/kg 
Min turn-down: 40% 
Service Period: 12 months 
Project: Turn-key including Planning Application including Screening Opinion, and management of civil engineering delivered on budget and on-time. 

Scottish Distillery UK 

Size & type: Steam Pro 4000 3.5MW & Steam Pro 2000 1.7MW 
RHI Accredited: 
Purpose: To supply a live steam supply for a minimum of 8,000 hours per year. 
Design brief: 
Emission Filtration: 
Fuel: Wood Chips 
Moisture content: 42% 
Bulk Weight: 
Calorific Value: 9600 kJ/kg 
Min turn-down: 30% 
Service Period: 3 mths 

Food Product Supplier in Yorkshire 

Size & type: 
RHI Accredited: 
Purpose: To maximise energy recovery at a lower cost. 
Design brief: Pipework and equipment installation to recover thermal energy from the 2G bio-gas waste heat circuit. Installing a 10,000-litre insulated storage vessel with controls capable of storage at 85C. 
Emission Filtration: 
Moisture content: 
Bulk Weight: 
Calorific Value: 
Min turn-down: 
Service Period: 
Project: Turn-key and management of civil engineering delivered on budget and on-time. 
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